Vacation Time – Don’t you love the Paperwork?

Vacation Time.

Summertime is in full swing and that means so are employee vacations.  Everyone wants to take their vacations in prime time, especially since summer is relatively short in Canada.

Around the Dealership, this typically means staff pestering their managers or HR for how much vacation time they have left, piles of vacation request forms being submitted, and frazzled managers trying ot sift through all of the request and ensure they pan, schedule, and respond in a timely fashion.

Having a clear process to track, communicate and enforce your dealerships vacation policies is critical to ensuring that you don’t et stuck in a paperwork quagmire and have disgruntled employees who think their vacation time isn’t accurate or being approved in a timely fashion.  Of course you also don’t want to have the situation where you have to many staff off at any given time.

Here are some key processes that should be in place to ensure that your vacation management process works efficiently:

1. Have a clear vacation entitlement policy in place. Make sure your staff know how much vacation time they get and when they can take it (you may have blackout periods during busy times where employees can’t request vacation for example).

2. Ensure your records are accurate. It is critical to have up to date records showing how much the employee has earned, how much (and when) they’ve taken it and what their current balances are.  This information should be readily available so the employee is confident in your record keeping processes.  Remember, for most employees, vacation time is precious to them.

3. Have a clear process for how vacation requests are submitted by staff, to whom they are submitted, and what is the approximate turn around time.  Having piles of vacation request paperwork slipped under the managers door is probably not the best approach.  Furthermore, having employees demand that you review and potential approve on the spot is also not effective.  If everybody is clear on what the process is, it takes much of the pain in managing vacations away.

4. Make sure you are always checking your staffing levels to ensure that if you approve a vacation, you don’t end up short staffed.  To often if you’re in a rush and you don’t check the schedule, you might end up approving a vacation request and then you have the touch conversation with the staff member to try to take it back, or you live with being short staffed.

In the end, most dealerships have a paper based process that is very time consuming and inefficient, taking time away from growing the business and serving customers.  If you have a clear process in place you can take some of this pain away.

And if you’re fed up with the paperwork loop and looking to save a significant amount of time and paper, consider automation using an online system such as DealerPILOT.

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