Improving Dealership CASL Compliance

Improving Dealership CASL Compliance.

It’s now been just over a year since Canada’s Anti Spam law (or CASL for short) came into effect.  This much touted law is supposed to reduce the amount of spam Canadians receive and is one of the most stringent laws of this type in the world.

Whether we like it or not, CASL is something that affects all businesses, including automotive dealerships, especially due to the nature of email, social media, and text correspondence that has dramatically grown in the industry over the past number of years.

CASL brings with it substantial penalties which the CRTC can impose of up to $10 million.  Sound crazy?  Well the first penalty levied was for $1.1 million.

The CRTC has indicated that they receive on average 1000 complaints per day so it’s most likely just a matter of time before a dealership ends up in the cross hairs.

Dealerships should review their CASL compliance programs with their legal counsel to ensure they are protected but here are a few quick tips that you should consider for your Dealership CASL compliance program:

1. Have a CASL compliance policy.  More importantly, have your staff review and acknowledge the policy.  Having a policy sends a clear message that your dealership takes CASL seriously.

2. Provide CASL awareness training to your staff.  It’s important that staff are aware of what CASL means for them and the dealership so providing periodic training and refresher materials is key for on-going success of your compliance program.

3. Post your CASL policy on your website.  This will ensure that consumers know what your policy is and who to contact if there is an issue.  This will give consumers the comfort they need knowing your dealership had made efforts to ensure compliance.

As with all risk management, ensuring you have take reasonable business effort to be compliant is a critical step in reducing or eliminating the risks associated with CASL.

Here’s a great article from Canadian Auto Dealer regarding CASL:


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