Managing HR processes is time consuming and expensive.  And when you add the on-going challenge of managing  staff turnover with manual processes, on-boarding procedures, orientation programs and paperwork, it all takes a significant amount of management effort.

Reducing this effort will help you drive increased performance and revenues and dramatically lower HR and Compliance gaps using DealerPILOT Workforce Management.

From Employee Scheduling, Attendance Management to Vacation and Sick time planning, DealerPILOT streamlines your workforce management processes. 

New hires can easily acknowledge corporate policies and complete required new hire/annual compliance training courses online without attending inefficient offsite training programs, and elimination of paperwork reduces management involvement while improving corporate-wide standards.

Managers are notified by exception of issues saving considerable time using intuitive notification and dashboard tools for any problems relating to HR procedures or Training issues, along with regulatory compliance concerns requiring their attention.

DealerPILOT is easy to deploy using pre-loaded policy and training templates to speed up implementation, or dealerships can use existing corporate policies which are readily uploaded and deployed to all staff. In either case, all of the traditional paperwork and effort required to manage staff training and HR, compliance, and policy management is eliminated.

Staff On-Boarding & Employee Profiles


Performance Reviews and Progressive Discipline

First Aid and Health and Safety Reports

Employee Scheduling & Attendance Management

Vehicle Sales Regulator and Abstract Information

Employee Communication