Do you find that your safety program disrupts your daily dealership activities due to manual processes, training classes, and loads of paperwork?

Is your Health and Safety program actually improving workplace safety? 

Effective Health and Safety programs are a must, and not only because they are a legal requirement.  Having a safe working environment is critical to ensuring staff feel confident to perform their duties and serve your customers in an efficient and effective manner, without the risk of injury.

In addition to streamlined delivery of a wide variety of safety training, simple to use online features automate a wide variety of tasks for Joint Health & Safety Committee procedures such as Safety meetings, Workplace Inspections, Incident Reporting, etc. 

It’s really quite simple: Automation makes it easier to stay on top of all health and safety program requirements

Time to get rid of paperwork and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Health and Safety Programs.

It’s costing you anyway, why not get what you’re paying for?