Does your Dealership have a Social Media Policy?

Does your Dealership have a Social Media Policy?

Technology has crept into virtually every aspect of our lives, both business and personal, and Social media has become a very important and powerful way for Dealerships to communicate to their customers.

But while social media can be used to promote the dealership through sales, marketing and communication campaigns, it can also pose operational and reputational risks that should be considered.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider a social media policy for your dealership:

1. Social Media messages (CEM’s) fall under Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation which carries stiff penalties.  And while your DMS or marketing software may be doing all the right things, are you sure your staff aren’t sending unsolicited text or Facebook messages to customers from their phones?

2. Using personal social media accounts on company time can be distracting and costly to your dealership.  Staff should be focusing on serving your customers, not on posting in their social media accounts.  The key is, do they know they shouldn’t be doing this through clear corporate communication?

3. Risk of disparagement by ex-employees is increasing as social media provides an easy outlet for disgruntled employees to voice their issues with their former employer.  Do you have a prior agreement that they can’t do this if they are terminated regardless of the reason?

It’s critical to keep social media as a positive and product tool for your dealership while at the same time mitigating any potential risks.

Here are a few tips for protecting your dealership from social media misuse:

1. Have an actual policy.  Having a verbal understanding with your staff is not enough.

2. Review your policy periodically to ensure it is current and applies to computer and social media usage in your dealership.

3. Clearly communicate and distribute the policy to all staff.

4. Ensure you get acknowledgement of the policy from all staff especially each time it is updated or adjusted.

Nobody wants the headache of having to deal with social media misuses after the fact and having a well defined and clearly communicated policy can be key to reducing the potential risks and costly effects of social medial abuse around your dealership.


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