Can Dealership accountants save trees?

Can Dealership accountants save trees?

Might sound like a funny question, but that’s exactly what the controller from one of our customers said they were doing with DealerPILOT to our Customer Success Team.

Dealership Secretary Treasurers, Controllers and Accountants deal with a LOT of paperwork.  In many cases it’s not only financial paperwork, but often they have to deal with at least elements of the HR and Compliance functions within the dealership as well.

Managing HR is very time consuming (albeit very important) and for most dealerships it also includes a mountain of paperwork.  And while actually saving trees might not be front of mind when running the dealership, it does point to the larger issue of what it’s costing your dealership if you’re still managing HR and Compliance the old fashioned way.

Here are just a few ways you can eliminate dealership operational paperwork, and more importantly free up your Accountants/Controllers/Managers time to drive business profitability and serve your customers, using an automation tool such as DealerPILOT:

1. Centralize HR profile information in a secure online location.

2. Streamline employee interactions for items such as vacation time requests, schedule updates, attendance management, etc. using online manager/employee interactions vs. manual processes.

3. Speed up employee on-boarding using online corporate policy acknowledgements and compliance training.

4. Introduce exception management and only deal with true problems.  Get out of the business of constantly having to actively check paperwork/Excel sheets to ensure you’re on top of critical deadlines and expirations for items such as drivers or tech licenses, legislative or insurance compliance items, etc.

So can Dealership Accountants (and ST’s/Controllers/Managers) save trees?  Through automation the answer is a resounding “YES”.  More importantly, by using automation dealerships can drive increased profitability by redeploying manager time towards growing the business, not chasing paperwork.

DealerPILOT Compliance Automation Software

DealerPILOT provides Human Resources, Health & Safety and Legislative Compliance automation to mitigate risk, eliminate manual processes, improve regulatory compliance, and efficiently manage and engage staff.

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