Are your HR filing cabinets overflowing?

Are your HR filing cabinets overflowing?

It doesn’t matter how big or small your Dealership or Service Centre is, managing Human Resources efficiently is critical for the smooth operation of your organization.

One of the biggest things we hear from Managers, Secretary Treasurers or GM’s is that the paperwork can simply be overwhelming, and that it takes time away from their managers “doing their jobs” and serving customers. Mounds of paperwork can be required for a variety of tasks including:

1. Hiring: Offer letters, job descriptions, resume’s, employee files, etc.

2. Orientation: training programs, on-boarding procedures, etc.

3. Policy management: communication and sign-off by all staff for all of your corporate policies.

4. Health & Safety Programs: Staying on top of all of the inspections, meetings, tasks, and procedures to have an effective safety program.

5. Compliance Programs: Ensuring all staff are knowledgeable of operational and legislative requirements.

6. HR functions such as: Attendance tracking, Vacation planning, Performance & Discipline reviews, etc.

Of course management involves not only serving customers but also managing staff.  The drag is the associated paperwork, which is part and parcel of a managerial function.  Of course because it’s so time consuming, too often “important” items that are not “urgent” get put aside, often causing problems down the road.

One of the things that our Customer Success team loves the most is when a customer realizes just how much of the paperwork and manual effort that automation brings to the dealership when implementing our solution.

Sure they may get a sneak peek at what automation can do during a sales presentation, but once they dig into it they literally can start emptying filing cabinets and moving to streamlined automated processes that only require interaction by exception.

So what are some of the key benefits of HR automation for your dealership?

1. Keep your Managers managing staff and serving customers, not pushing paperwork.

2. Ensure records are up to date, centralized, and readily accessible.

3. Improve the security and control of access to confidential records.

4. Move from activity management where many people have to touch many steps in your procedures, to “exception” management where you only touch items once that truly require management intervention.

5. Save a LOT of trees!

And while automation may not make your filing cabinet sales person very happy, it certainly will improve the efficiency and profitability of the dealership by avoiding time consuming manual effort by your managerial and senior staff at the expense of taking care of your customers.

Do you want to make managing HR easier?

DealerPILOT Compliance Automation Software

DealerPILOT provides Human Resources, Health & Safety and Legislative Compliance automation to mitigate risk, eliminate manual processes, improve regulatory compliance, and efficiently manage and engage staff.

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